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white female acrobat does the splits on the back of a sofa

Personal Training

A holistic approach to whole body & mind fitness

  • 1 h
  • The Albany Centre

Service Description

From guidance on handstands, to relaxing your hamstrings, Rachel's expert advice will help you achieve your acrobatic goals. Weekly session on fitness, flexibility or technique can be tailored to your specific needs, with a holistic approach to whole body fitness, nutrition, posture, gait and whatever you need to help in your acrobatic journey. Rachel uses a combination of in-depth knowledge from 25 years of teaching a variety of acrobatic disciplines, her experience of injury recovery and diets and intuitive knowledge of the body, as well as her performance background to make classes informative, freeing and fun for all participants.

Cancellation Policy

-Client understands that they are committing to a regular booking slot of personalised time with Rachel Baird. This is to be agreed upon at least 48 hours in advance of first session and booked into both participants calendars for the time period stated. If for any reason a session needs to be rescheduled it should be reorganised at least 24 hours in advance. If the session is missed without this time allowance the fee for the session is forfeited. The rest of the plan can then be used at the same regular time or rescheduled to a more appropriate time if needed. If a session is missed more than 3 times the plan will be cancelled and any moneys paid for it will be forfeited to the coach. -if the coach needs to reschedule for any reason they must give 24 hours notice to the client -Client agrees to share any personal information relevant to the bookings such as fitness level, medical history, contact details and understands that these will be used only for contact purposes and for the correct assessment of needs of the client -Client understands that some acrobatics moves can be dangerous and cause injury both to the participant and/or to the coach. They agree to listen to and heed the advice of the coach in relation to the health and safety practices put into place to minimise risk of injury with these such moves. And not to practice such dangerous moves without the proper use of technique, spotting or other safety equipment advised or provided by the coach.

Contact Details

  • Albany Centre, Shaftesbury Road, Montpelier, Bristol, UK


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